Fri, Sep 17, 2021 | UPDATED 21:08 IST
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NIA launches National helpline, citizens to highlight 'radicalism' push
NIA launches National helpline, citizens to highlight 'radicalism' push
The National Investigation Agency has investigated 37 incidents of terrorist attacks, conspiracy and funding found to be stimulated by the terror organisation ISIS's ideology. The latest case was registered in the month of June, 2021 by the investigation agency. An appeal is being made that any similar activities seen on the Internet must be brought into the knowledge of the concerned authorities. A number has been put by the NIA in order for people to contact the agency when such case is noticed. More than 168 people have been caught by the NIA for illegal activities on the Internet and around 37 cases are being probed who have association with ISIS terrorists and the ones inspired by their principles.
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